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All quests that I have transcribed and written from Descant's perspective! Please note that while I have done some writing on these, a lot of it comes from the site writers. To differentiate between the two, anything I have written will be in a lighter text box, while site writing will be in a darker text box (although sometimes it might be slighty edited for things like using Descant's name). Also, if a quest has an * next to it, that means it's fully written by me!

Louise Hill

Welcome to Louise Hill!

Talk to Buli

Petty Thievery

Your First Pet (Part 1)

Meeting Calbet

Meeting the Old Farmhand

Bearnard's Woes

Lilia and Fantasia

A Stroll with Fantasia

Your First Pet (Part 2)

An Interruption

*The First Night

*The Ringing Bell

Back to Fantasia

Back to Bearnard

*Path to the Forest

Three's Forest

Trout the Sprout

The Fairytale Meadow

The Glowshroom Enclave

The Veil of Vines

Convincing Irin

Look For Magdalene

Reunite With Irin/The Rotten Turnip Search

Distracting Magdalene

Rejoin Irin

Riddling with Barclay (Coming Soon)

Riddling with Mycel (Coming Soon)

Riddling with Glume (Coming Soon)

Riddling with Barclay II (Coming Soon)

Collecting for Barclay (Coming Soon)

Upheaval with Barclay (Coming Soon)

Returning to Trout (Coming Soon)

New Horizon (Coming Soon)

Silvie's Mine

The Great Rabbit Knight (Coming Soon)

A Fearsom Golden Warrior (Coming Soon)

Finding Marcel's Shop (Coming Soon)

Marvel's Errand Boy (Coming Soon)

Returning to Marvel (Coming Soon)

Trade Preparations With Pascal (Coming Soon)

Goods to Market (Coming Soon)

Finishing the Transaction (Coming Soon)

Return to the Mines (Coming Soon)

Rescuing Nigel (Coming Soon)

A Tour of the Mine (Coming Soon)

Idra Bars the Way (Coming Soon)

The Pristine Pool (Coming Soon)

Asking Pascal (Coming Soon)

Origin Remembrance (Coming Soon)

Leaving the Caverns (Coming Soon)

Return to Cairn (Coming Soon)

Trip to the seaside (Coming Soon)

Gaining the Officiator's Trust (Coming Soon)

Aviar Cove

Inventors of the Cove (Coming Soon)

Meeting the Astronomer (Coming Soon)

A Scientific Dilemma (Coming Soon)

Helping Astra (Coming Soon)

The Importance of the Stars (Coming Soon)

A Favour from Marvel (Coming Soon)

Returning to Lief (Coming Soon)

Back to Astra (Coming Soon)

Advanced Product Design With Pellier (Coming Soon)

A Boy by the Sea (Coming Soon)

Meeting the Mayor (Coming Soon)

Celestine's Manor (Coming Soon)

Peeking into Carneau's Office (Coming Soon)

Astra's Participation (Coming Soon)

Supporting Innovation (Coming Soon)

Returning to Celestine (Coming Soon)

Reconcile with Carneau (Coming Soon)

Returning to Johaness (Coming Soon)

A Voyage to the Unknown (Coming Soon)

On the High Seas (Coming Soon)

Stranger's Mire/The Red Tower

Amid the Murk and the Mire (Coming Soon)

Traversing the Warring Forest (Coming Soon)

A Witches Crescendo (Coming Soon)

A Fresh Start (Coming Soon)

Vaer Reef

The Seanaut (Coming Soon)

Pyrifera and Clione (Coming Soon)

The Dancer (Coming Soon)

Pyrifera's Apothecary (Coming Soon)

Poe's Story (Coming Soon)

Exploring the Ruins (Coming Soon)

Spying on Xarion (Coming Soon)

Returning to Wras (Coming Soon)

Conferring with Clione (Coming Soon)

Conferring with Pyrifera (Coming Soon)

Conferring with Olievar (Coming Soon)

The Great Festival

Poe's Conclusions (Coming Soon)