The Glowshroom Enclave

>*As you continue along on your search for Irin, you find yourself lost in a dense part of the forest covered in glowing mushrooms.*

>*As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you notice a figure tending to a patch of these mysterious glowing fungi...*

>Mycel: Oh my. What a beautiful illusion you are...


>...Wait. Those eyes...are you real?

<"I think so."

>*She circles around you, looking you over as she speaks.*

>Mycel: I see...How did you get past my enchantments? Most intruders are easily ensnared by glowshroom glamour...except other magic users...

>Are you a world-hopper? Or - another witch, come to steal my secrets?

<"Yes, I think I’m a ‘world-hopper.’"

<Descant: I'm still trying to get my bearings, but it seems I am.

>*You're about to ask if she's seen Irin, but before you can finish...*

>Mycel: But that’s exactly what you would say if you were after my secrets...Well, you won’t get a single peep of my experiment.

>Take those treacherous eyes away from here - go steal from Glume or Barclay instead.

>*You erase your chalkboard, getting annoyed. Instead just opting for-*

<Descant: Fine.

>*And take your leave to wander in another part of the forest.*

[Complete quest.]

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