Path to the Forest

>*If you're reading the map right, the trip to Three's Forest will probably take at least a couple days. So far, the trip hasn't been so bad. Chrominance makes for good company, and there's plenty of riddlers and other travellers along the path to keep you entertained.*

>*...Although you do end up getting sidetracked following a travelling bard, which ended up setting you back a few hours.*

>*You decide to grab a snack as you walk. As you dig in your bag, you end up making the small cake toy squeak.*

>*And not a second later, Chrominance nearly knocks you over jumping into your bag.*

<You can just ASK me if you want food too, you know!

>*After a bit of struggling to get them out of your bag, you manage to get them out. They're gently holding the cake toy in their mouth.*

<"Put them on the ground."

>*You put them down on the grass and sit down with them.*

<Descant: I know it looks good, but that's not food.

>*They put the cake down in front of you and nod their head.*

<Do you want some of my snack?

>*They shake their head, then put a paw on the cake.*

<"Pick up the cake."

>*You grab the toy from them and look at it, trying to guess what they want with it.*

<"Play fetch."

>*You bring the toy over your head to throw it, but Chrominance rapidly shakes their head and tries to bring your arm down.*

<Descant: you want me to get you a real cake or something?

>*They shake their head again. Again, they put a paw on the cake, and bring another paw to the bell around their neck.*

<You...want me to hold it...?

>*They nod.*


>*There doesn't seem to be anything notable about the toy. It's fairly small, with dark purple frosting, blue ribbons around the edge, and several card suit decorations. You'd think it was real if you didn't know any better. Nothing jumps out at you as out of the ordinary.*

>*...Then again, nothing struck you as odd about Chrominance's bell either.*

>*Chrominance looks very determined to get you to hatch the cake.*


<Descant: Alright, I'll give it a try.

<I'm still new to this though, ok? I might mess it up.

>*Chrominance wags their tail excitedly and gives a few small chimes. At least they seem to trust your animating abilities.*

>*They eagerly run back to the path, wanting to get a move on. They've been having a good time solving riddles with you. You stand back up, carrying the cake in your hands.*

>*You've decided to settle in for the night. It shouldn't take too much longer to get to the forest. The foliage has already started to change, being dotted with that you can only assume are the forest plants.*

>*You try to pick one of the flowers nearby, but it seems to dissolve in a puff of yellow smoke once it leaves the ground.*

<Alright. Yeah. Normal.

>*Like the turnip before, the cake starts to glow.*

>*It morphs into a small creature, with somewhat rodent-like features, dark purple hair, and an outfit that resembles a jester's.*

<...Are those clothes? or just...Part of it?

>*You lay the creature down on the ground, and he rubs his eyes as he wakes up. He sits up and slowly blinks his eyes.*

>*Once he fully comes to, he immediately runs off. You assume with how panicked he looks that he's realized the situation he's in.*

<"Chase him."

>*You and Chrominance go after the jester, not wanting him getting lost. Thankfully he isn't going far, mostly just in circles.*

>*You signal to Chrominance to try and cut him off, and after a few failed attempts (and somewhat close calls with the sythe) he seems to tire himself out.*

>*The two of you catch up with him, also very tired now.*

>*As you sit down, he finally seems to get a good look at you, and gives you a hug once he recognizes you, squeaking excitedly. You hug him in return.*

<"Are you ok?"

>*You take a chance on him being able to read like Chrominance could, and thankfully he can, nodding his head.*

<Descant: Do you remember anything?

>*He thinks for a second, looking like he's concentrating really hard. Eventually he shakes his head.*

<Yeah...neither do we.

<At least the three of us are still together.

>*You take a bit to explain the current situation to him, as well as your current destination.*

< was it...


>*You show him the name you came up with, and he nods enthusiastically.*

<Descant: I'm glad you like that.

>*Jevil decides to lean up against you, tired from the running around. Chrominance follows suit, although a bit more cuddly. You let out a yawn.*

< too guys.

>*You gently get the two of them over to the bedroll. All of you get settled in for the night, and you let the image of the stars overhead bring you to sleep.*

[Complete quest.]

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