Meeting Calbet

>*Just outside the tavern entrance, you find a young rabbit boy fletching arrows.*

>Calbet: Buli sent you, didn’t she?

>*You nod your head.*

>Well, I’m glad she’s starting to finally make some sense and stopped directing people to that old man. He’s not even relevant anyways. He hasn’t lived here that long, I’m a much better guide.

>My name is Calbet, and I’m probably the coolest person you'll meet around these parts. I know everything about everyone and I’m the best guide there is. If anyone tells you differently, they’re just confused.

>Don’t listen to anything anyone says about Old Farmhand, he’s just some old quack that likes to pretend he knows more than he does.

<"Oh... uh, okay!"

>*You just smile and nod along with what he says.*

>Calbet: That Old Farmhand likes to tell people to just go chat with others, but that’s so last century. It’s all about getting people to like you!

>Helping people out or talking to them will totally make them like you more. The more positive interactions you have, the more they'll like you!

>But be careful - they can start to hate you too if you say the wrong thing! Like if you said something lame such as ‘Farmhand is much wiser and more knowledgeable than you, Calbet.’ Hah, what a joke.

<...Yes, that's generally how talking to people works.

>Anyway, why don’t you go get to know someone by helping them out? Bearnard’s easy to please if you're a fellow turnip lover.

>Take your time, I’m not impatient or anything… Just hurry back okay?

>*You nod and start to head out.*

>Are you done yet?

>*You turn back around and just shake your head after a second.*

>If you’ve got the gusto to make Bearnard like you, I’ll show you all the cool knick-knacks in my shop.

<"I'm on it!"

>*You nod again and hurry out to avoid him asking again. Helping Bearnard shouldn't be too hard...*

>*You come back some time later, now tired, covered in dirt, and vowing never to become a farmer.*

>Calbet: So, you managed to do what I asked! I’m always happy to be super helpful. You definitely wouldn’t have gotten this far if you had gone to see that old man. Aren’t you totally glad you had me to show you the way?

<I have a feeling the old man wouldn't have made me go do farm work.

>Anyways, if you want you can check out my shop. It’s a chance machine, so you’ll get cool surprises every time. And maybe, like, if you come back later I'll have time to teach you more cool stuff.

>Just be sure to ignore that old Farmhand codger if you see him, got it?

<"You got it."

<Yeah I'll...totally ignore him.

>*You head into the tavern. You're pretty hungry after all that, and thankfully Bearnard gave you some money for your troubles.*

>*...Specifically a sack of small potatoes. Apparently that's what they use for money here.*

[Complete quest.]

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