Petty Thievery

>Bearnard: So you’re back. Did you talk to Buli outside of the shop? She’s a little strange. Sometimes I feel like she’s even stranger than you lot.

>By the way, you haven’t seen anyone in my posted fields, have you? Some more turnips have gone missing.

>*You size up the bear. Even if you didn't feel bad stealing from him, you aren't sure if you could take him in a fight. Yeah, that baton you have could probably serve a good weapon, but...well that's a bear. With probably many more dangerous farming weapons.*

<"Tell Bearnard everything."

>*Looking back first to make sure Buli can't see you, you try your best to explain what you gathered from her.*

>*You point towards Buli's house, then to Bearnards fields, then try to mimic her stealing the turnips.*

<...This sucks. How am I supposed to get anything done like this?

>*At least Bearnard seems to get what you're saying.*

>Bearnard: I knew that Buli was up to no good. She’s got no respect for personal property, and there’s definitely something odd about her.

>How about I just give you a turnip? And tell Buli to stop telling people to steal my turnips! What does she need them for anyway?

>*He hands you a Misshapen Turnip. It looks a little squashed.*

>You may be thinking, “Wow, what an ugly turnip.” But it’s not the appearance that counts! This should still make a great soup base.

<...Well she didn't specify it had to be a *good* turnip.

<"Thank him and take the turnip."

>*You figure it’s about time to go back to Buli now with your spoils.*

[Complete quest.]

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