Welcome to Three's Forest

>*You feel as though you are floating--no, slowly falling?--you can't tel where you are, or even open your eyes. Your feel your hand is outstretched, as if you're reaching for something, but you don't know what...*

>*The next moment you know, you find yourself waking up in the middle of a field of flowers. You sit up with a start, with a fleeting feeling of needing to do...something. Whatever it was has already left your memory though.*

>*...Worryingly, you can't seem to recall anything before now.*

<"Look around."

>*You look around, hoping to see anything familiar, anything to jog your memory of what you were doing before. But there's nothing.*

>*All you see around you is a fairly large field of yellow flowers, which creeps into a nearby forest. You almost feel like you are picking up some sort of...something from the flowers, but you can't place what.*

>Barclay: Hey!

>*You turn around to see a rabbit boy adorned with the same flowers surrounding you, with a tattered cape on his back. He doesn't look too happy as he approaches you.*

>Barclay: Who are you?

<???: I-

>Barclay: Did one of the other witches send you here? Well I won't let you mess anything up here!

>*On instinct, you take a defensive stance, with some kind of magic forming between your hands. You quickey dissipate it after seeing that he likely doesn't have intent to hurt you.*

<???: Sorry, I...habit I guess?

>*His expression seems to soften when he sees you use magic.*

>Barclay: Huh...don't think I've seen magic like that around here before.

>And if you were sent by one of the other witches, they'd probably have given you their magic, right?

<???: Uh...I guess?

>*You have no idea what he's talking about.*


<???: Honestly I didn't...know that would happen.

>Barclay: Magic like that doesn't just happen by accident. It needs to be learned.

>And that still doesn't explain how you got here!

<???: I don't-I don't know how I got here either!

<I don't...

>*You have a sudden realization.*

<...I don't even remember my name.

>Barclay: How can you-Oh!


>Barclay: You must be one of those world-hoppers then!

<???:...A what?

>*The boy sits down in front of you.*

>Barclay: World-hopper! They've been appearing all over recently, and no one knows where from!

>Mysterious people with magic that just suddenly show up one day...It sounds like the start of an amazing story.

<???: Yeah I...guess so?

>*It doesn't sound as amazing when you are the one in the story.*

>Barclay: You're lucky I'm the one that found you! Those other two can be really rude, and they don't even have a good sense for what's cute!

>*His priorities seem...not entirely thought out.*

>Barclay: Oh oh! If you're a world-hopper, you should try animating some of my flowers for me! I bet they'd make an adorable pet.

>*...Really not thought out.*

<"Ask for help."

<???: I don't mean to be rude, but as much as I'd like to do that for you, I have other things to worry about. I'm not able to remember anything, and I think I need to figure out why that is and how to fix it before I do anything else.

<Is there anything you know that could help me?

>Barclay: Nope. Nothing.

>That's one of things that make you world-hoppers. None of you know where you came from.

>*You sit in shock for a minute.*

>I know a few of you have been trying to find out how to get your memories back though, but I don't think I've heard of anyone fully regaining memories.

<???:...No one?

>*You sit in silence.*

>Barclay:...Uh...Y-you know since you don't know your name, that means you get to pick out a new one! That's always a lot of fun because you can choose something with a cool meaning!

>Like my name-oh, I'm Barclay by the way-means "birch Tree Meadow"! There's a lot of cool nature names you...

>*You aren't really paying attention to what he's saying.*


>*You try and search your mind for anything you know. Did you come here for a reason? What was where you came from like? Were there other's you knew that came with you?*

>*The answer to all of these just keeps being "I don't know."*


>*You're snapped out of your thoughts.*

>Were you paying attention at all?


<???: Y-yeah, I was...I uh-I think it's gonna take me a bit to decide on a name. Maybe I'll remember my old one, you know?

>Barclay: Oh yeah, that makes sense.

>Hm...I have a lot of books, maybe something in them could help? It'll take me a bit to go through them all though.

>U-um in the meantime!

>*He picks up a clump of flowers and fastens them into a small bouquet.*

>You can try out your world hopper powers!

<You really don't want to drop this pet thing huh...

>If I remember right, all you have to do is hold onto this for awhile, and then...w-well, something happens and it becomes a pet! It also gives you time to go and meet the other forest residents!

>I uh d-don't really know them that well myself if I'm honest though...well, most of them.

<"Reluctantly agree."

>*You let out a sigh and take the clump of flowers.*

???: Since you're going out of your way to help me, I'll try it.

>Barclay: Yaaay.

>Um! I think if you go...that way? You'll run into the forest's guardian.

>And you should definately stay away from the other witches!

>...But I guess I can stop you from meeting them if you really want to. But be careful if you do!

???: Ok...noted.

>Barclay: Ok! Come see me when the pets hatched! I'm gonna go look through my books!

>*Before you can say anything, Barclay runs off towards his house.*

>*You guess you should try and find that forest guardian...maybe they'll be more help.*

[Complete quest.]