Memory 4

>*You make your way over to the training fields. As you expected, Tycho is there with his bow. He gives you a small nod when he sees you.*

>Tycho: Probably should stand back.

>*You give a small nod and sit on one of the nearby benches.*

>*The two of you just sit in silence for awhile, Tycho focused on the targets. It looks like he's doing really well, but whenever he goes to retrieve the arrows, he seems...dissatisfied almost.*

<...How do I even...start.

>Tycho: Did you have a reason for coming over or are you just hanging out?

<Descant: Well uh...I kind of wanted to...ask you about something.

>Tycho: Yeah?

<Descant: It's...

<You know the other day when I was...not doing well?

<You said that some of the stuff I was talking about..."sounded familiar."

>*He lowers his bow.*

<So I...wanted to...know about your experience, I guess?

>Tycho:...Yeah, I can tell you.

>*He walks over to the bench and sits down with you.*

>It's different for everyone, but I guess for me it was like...something never quite felt right? Like you were saying, the hating how I looked. And people saying I looked better being more...girly.

>So one day I sorta just...stopped. And it felt better.

<Descant:...That simple, huh?

>Tycho: Sorry. I'm not...great talking about things like this.

<Descant: No it's's just...


<...Sigh Neither feels right.

<Like I've been trying to think of myself as a guy since then but...I don't know. It doesn't feel much better.

>Tycho:...Then don't be either...?

>You can just do that you know.


>*You facepalm.*

<Descant: Oh my gods.

>Tycho: You really didn't--

<Descant: I'm so dumb.

>*You see Tycho trying to keep himself from laughing. You give him a nudge and laugh a little yourself.*

<Hey, give me a break, I've had a rough few weeks!

>Tycho: I know, I know.

>*He laughs with you.*

>Hopefully it starts getting better now.

<Descant: I...think it will be. Hopefully.

>*Maybe only a little,'s something at least.*

>Tycho: What about a name?

<Descant: Honestly? I don't wanna change it.

<Through this whole...situation. My name's the one thing I still like.

>Tycho: Yeah, fair.

>It is pretty fitting for you already.

<Descant: Heh...yeah.

>*The two of you sit for awhile longer, just enjoying each others company. You kind of don't want to leave.*

<I...guess I should get out of your way now.

>Tycho: Nah.

>*He stands back up, grabbing his bow and going back to the spot he was shooting from earlier.*

>I could use the company. Helps me focus better sometimes.

<Descant: Oh! Uh...alright.

>Tycho: Why don't you talk about...I don't know, something you like?

>You know about stuff right? Tell me something about that.

>*You aren't used to people wanting to hear about things you like. It takes you a few minutes to find something to talk about.*


<There's this certain short motif that things reference a lot. In it's first use, it meant that one of the characters had died. But through the years, it's been more often used to mean that two characters have been separated, usually in a way that they won't ever meet again. And what's cool is we're able to...

>*You end up continuing're not sure how long actually. Tycho mostly just listens, occasionally asking for elaboration on a term or more context for a detail. It looks like he's enjoying his practice more now that there's someone there with him.*

[End memory.]