Memory 2

>*You feel nothing. You're in a state of...sleep? You can't describe it. You're only vaguely aware of yourself.*

>*For a moment, you think you feel...a prescence? Something on the edge of your awareness. It almost seems like it could be a person, but...*

>*It fades away.*

>*You finally feel yourself coming to. It's a struggle to even get your eyes open, but when you do, you lie there and look up at the ceiling, the memory of what happened still hazy. You were doing a show...there were some people you didn't know...*

>*...It hits you that the ceiling's unfamiliar. You're not at the infirmary.*

>*You try to sit up, but the sudden movement makes your chest hurt.*

>???: Easy, easy, you don't want to open that wound back up.

>*You look at who's spoken, presumably the doctor. Their blonde hair is pulled back, and their antenna resembles some spikes coming off of their left arm.*

<Descant: Where am I?

>Doctor: You're just at our clinic. You're perfectly safe.

>*They make a motion to someone nearby, presumably a nurse, who leaves the room.*

>How do you feel? You were in rough shape when you got here.

<Descant: Uh...ok, I guess?

>*Your chest hurts...maybe a little less, but it's still bad. You also realize its not just your chest hurting, but parts over your whole body. Your antennae as well. You assume the doctor's just avoiding sending any signals that might worry you, or maybe you're just still tired.*

>*They take some vitals from you. You notice the equipment is older than what you're used to. Some of it looks like the kind of stuff you saw as a kid.*

>*You try to recall what happened. The mystery people...they had gotten on stage during the performance. They started started yelling about...something. Why is it so hard to remember?*

>*You're interupted think it's a signal. It's normal for doctors to check how antennae react to signals. It hurts a bit though, and you can't tell what it's meant to convey.*

>Doctor: Feel bad?

<Descant: Yeah...

<...What does that mean?

>*Even without signals, you can see the doctor has a look of needing to deliver bad news, but before they can answer, the door opens. You're expectng the nurse to walk back in, but instead see a blue pup and a pink mouse-jester barreling in and rush onto your bed.*


>*Chrominance and Jevil immediately throw themselves into your arms, but you don't really care about how it hurt. You're just glad your pets are here too.*

<Gods, I'm sorry, I must've worried you two so much.

>*Jevil gives a few angry squeaks.*

<Haha, ok, I won't scare you like that again.

>*Chrominance gives your face a few licks. You have a few minutes to hug your pets in peace. When you look back towards the door again, you're shocked to see another familiar face, but not one you've seen in a long time. Her light pink hair is tied in pigtails, and she's adorned with red flowers, some even setting on her antenna, which floats around her neck. She looks at you with silvery eyes, leaning against her cane.*


>Amaryllis: It's good to see you again.

>*She pulls a chair over and sits next to your bed.*

>Doc, do you mind if we had some time to ourselves?

>*The doctor looks you over.*

>Doctor: Alright, but call me if anything happens.

>*Ryll nods, and the doctor leaves the room.*

>Amaryllis: I'd give you a hug but I don't wanna accidentally hurt you.

>*You nod and smile. You're stunned that she's here. You almost thought you wouldn't ever see her again...*

>It's...been awhile, huh?

<Descant: Gods, yeah...

>*There's a lot you want to say. It's hard to keep yourself from just hugging her, but you manage to keep it in. It isn't appropriate.*

>Amaryllis: How are you feeling?

>*You hold back a comment about how you're, you know, injured somehow. Don't want to be rude.*

<Descant: I'm...I'm ok.


<Descant: Mhm.

>*You don't want her to worry.*

>Amaryllis:...Hah, I guess you always were pretty tough.

>*There's something in her tone of voice there, can't tell what it is. You're antennae are still having trouble picking anything up.*

<Descant: Where are we? And what are you doing here?

>Amaryllis: The local clinic. I brought you in after...what happened earlier.

>We actually aren't far from where I live.

>*You get a little anxious, but try to not show it. You know she probably doesn't know how dangerous that is.*

<Descant: Oh, Amaryllis, you didn't have to do that. The doctors there are top of the field, I'm sure I...

<...I would've been fine.

>*Why do you almost not believe that?*

>*Ryll has a look of...sadness? Worry? You're getting more worried about what's wrong.*

>Amaryllis: Yeah...

>*She doesn't meet your eyes.*

<Descant: long do I have to stay here?

>Amaryllis: Well...Last I knew, it'll take at least a day before the doc will let you not be unnder watch here. But it'll take longer for your chest to be fully healed...

<Descant: Maybe you could...ask them about transferring me?

>Amaryllis: Huh?

<Descant: I have a show in a couple days, and I...I really shouldn't miss it. I'm sure everyone back home will be upset if I do.

>Amaryllis:...Descant, do you remember what happened?

<Descant: I...

>*You struggle.*

<I...really should get home as soon as I can.

>*Ryll grabs your hand. It's been so long since someone has. It's...oddly comforting.*

>*You finally piece it together. The people were yelling, and the leader came on stage and threatned them for talking bad about their leadership. Then you...*

>*You spoke up and suggested hearing them out. Maybe then they could clear up any misunderstandings. Then...*

>*Then the leader...*



>*You touch your chest. Somehow, you manage to hold in your tears. It's unsightly to cry.*

>*You look back at Ryll. She squeezes your hand tighter.*

>Amaryllis: Des...

<Descant: I...

<...I should go apologize.


<Descant: I mean, I...I made a mistake. And I got...punished for it.

>Amaryllis: No, you-

<Descant: So it...stands to reason that I need to make up for it.

>Amaryllis: You didn't-

<Descant: I'm sure there's...I'm sure they won't be happy about me leaving, even if it wasn't intentional. So there more...but maybe if I go back now, it won't be as-

>Amaryllis: Descant, look at me!

>*She grabs your face and brings it to look at her. She looks more stern than usual.*

>...You're not going back there.


>Amaryllis: She nearly killed you! That wasn't just a punishment. You...

>...You would've died if we hadn't grabbed you.

>*...Ryll look as if she's trying not to cry either.*

<Descant: I...

<I'm...sure there's...

>*You're at a loss for words.*

>*Ryll lets go of your face, bringing her hands down to hold your arms. Her expression softens.*

>Amaryllis: It's gonna be ok, Des.

>*She brushes a strand of your hair from out of your face, tucking it behind your ear.*

>I know there's...a lot to process right now. But you should rest for now.

>You can stay with me once the doctor let's you go, ok?


>*You can't help but look forward to staying with her. You try to send a signal to show your gratitude...*


>*You grab your head, wracked with a awful pain from both your antennae.*

>Amaryllis: Are you ok??

<Descant: Y-yeah...yeah I'm fine...

>*You assume at first that it was just your wounds hurting, but realize...*

<...The doctor didn't...get a chance to tell me what's wrong...

>Amaryllis: Oh...

>*She puts a hand on your back.*

>...Your antennae...broke. There wasn't anything they could do to fix them.


<That...I guess that explains it.

<Gods, it just doesn't stop...

>Amaryllis: Do you want me to stay for now?


>*...You shake your head. You don't want to be a bother.*


>*She stands up from the chair. You can't read her expression.*

>Well, if you need anything, just let me know, ok?

>*You nod weakly.*

>I'll...see you later then.

>*She begins to leave.*


>*She turns to look back at you.*

<...How were you able to bring me here?

>*She gives a small, somewhat mischievous smile.*

>Amarylls: I might've been closer than you realize when it happened.

>*You aren't...really sure what she means.*

<Descant:...It's good to see you again.

>Amaryllis: It's good to see you too.

>And hopefully you'll be seeing more of me soon, haha.

<Descant: Hah...yeah...

>*It's nice to see her smile again.*

>*She leaves the room, leaving you alone with your pets. You look down at them. They havent let go of you the whole time. You hug them again.*

>*...Now that you're alone, you can't stop yourself from crying.*

[End memory.]