Memory 1

>*For a brief moment, It feels like time's stopped. Your eyes are transfixed on the spot Descant stood, where she's now fallen. You see blood pour from their chest, followed by her collapsing to the floor and her signal going silent.*

>*If you weren't already surrounded, you would try and get to her. Nobody else is.*

>*You're broken from your trance by a signal from Tycho, whos at your back. You need to retreat.*

>*You quickly form a spell, and a thick, pinkish fog surrounds the area, clouding the sight of you and everyone around you. You feel Tycho rush off, and begin to escape as well...*

<...I can't leave her.

>*You turn back and manage to make your way over to Descant. Before you can get too close, her pets get between you, clearly suspcious. You dont recognize the...mouse....candle...thing, but you do know Chrominance at least.*

<Amaryllis: Shh it's ok, I'm gonna help her.

>*You hold out your hand to Chrominance, who hesitantly sniffs it. They relax a little once they realize they know you.*

>*They turn to the other pet and chime something to him. Judging by his tone of squeak, he's not trusting of you. After a couple more angry squeaks, Chrominance picks him up by his ruffled collar, bringing him out of the way.*

>*When you get to her, you can see the full extent of the damage. There's wounds all over her body, but chest wound is the worst of it, and her antenna have been cracked as well. Somehow, she's still alive. She needs help though.*

< could they...

>*You hear people trying to search for you, and you gently pick her up and rush away before the fog can dissipate. You mangage to get outside to where your escape vehicle is.*

>*Tycho is pacing, looking worried. When he sees you with Descant, you can tell he isn't happy.*

>Tycho: Why the hell did you grab her?

<Amaryllis: She needs help! I couldn't leave her back there to die.

>Tycho: But she-

<Amaryllis: Just shut up and help me! I'll explain later.

>*He seems taken aback by your anger, but begrudgingly helps you and her into the truck. You see Chrominance and the jester hop into the truck out of the corner of your eye. Tycho makes a signal to get the truck moving as he hops on.*

>*You do your best to at least get her stable. You grab one of the sashes wrapped around her waist and use it as some makeshift bandages, pressing down on her chest to stop the bleeding.*

>*You help her as much as you can...hopefully she'll make it back to base where she can see the doctor.*

>*You lean back in the cart. The actions of the day are finally catching up to you now that all that's left is to make it back. You feel pain in your leg and anxiety in your chest.*

>*Tycho sits opposite to you. He's eyeing the intruder with suspicion.*

>Tycho:...So why are we helping one of our enemies?

>*You hesitate. Sometimes it;s hard to think back on your time together.*

<Amaryllis: She's an...old friend of mine.

<We met as kids. Hung out everyday, we were inseperable.

<I...haven't seen her since she started singing there. So since we were like...15, I think?

>Tycho: They put her up there that young?

<Amaryllis: Well, she started training there at least. I don't know when she started doing the shows.


<Amaryllis: This...isn't exactly the reunion I thought it'd be, haha.

>Tycho:...Are you sure this is a good idea?

>*You can't really blame him for being wary.*

<Amaryllis: I know Descant. I know she's...not a bad person at heart.

<She stood up for us, didn't she? That's gotta count for something.

>Tycho:...I guess.

>You think they'll try and get her back?

<Amaryllis: I don't know. They might think she's dead already...

>*You flash a sly smile at him.*

<Besides, they'd have to find her. That won't be easy.

>Tycho: Heh, yeah.

>*He's at least a little less wary now.*

<Amaryllis:...Hopefully we her what's been going on.

>*You make sure she's still alive. It feels weak, but there's a pulse. Chrominance and the other pet have nestled themselves close to Descant.*

>Tycho: So what's the deal with those.

<Amaryllis: They're her pets. She's an animator.

>*You give Chrominance a pet. They look up at you and let out a sigh, before resting their head on your leg.*

<I don't recognize that one, but this is Chrominance. They came from a bell.

>Tycho: Neat.

>*The rest of the ride is silent as you keep an eye on Descant and console her pets.*


>*You pick up on signals from Tycho trying to comfort you.*

[End memory.]