Rejoin Irin




<"Are you okay?"

>Irin: Not really.

>I...I think I was really wrong about Magdalene. The way she was talking about the sprites...she obviously cares a lot.

>I still don’t really understand why she traps them, but she had no reason to lie to you.

>If she cares that deeply...I’d better go talk to her. If she’s really trying to help, then I’m sure we can figure something out.

>*You give them a nod, glad to have helped out.*

>I guess you did turn out to be pretty honourable in the end.


>*"Honourable" is a...very strong word considering how you solved this. But you'll take it.*

>*You recall Bearnard's request to try and solve the trouble here...*

<"Ask about the witches."

<Descant: So...what's the deal with those witches, anyway?

>Irin: You met them? They probably weren’t very friendly.

<Descant: Not at all.

>Irin: We’re all on edge around here, but those witches have turned rotten.

>If you’re really interested in talking to them, try asking them for a riddle. They won’t be able to resist giving you one.

<Descant: Thanks. I'll give that a shot.

>*You say goodbye to Irin as they leave to talk to Magdalene.*

<"Consider your next move."

>*You and your pets take a quick break to think about who to talk to next.*

>*None of them introduced themselves properly, but from what you've gathered, Barclay was the rabbit boy in the field, Mycel was the woman with the mushrooms who called you beautiful, and Glume was the scary one with the nice dress.*

>*There wasn't one that seemed...any less rude than the others, although Glume feels like the only one that was immediately dangerous to you.*

>*You settle on just seeing them in the same order you met them. You already want to deal with Glume last, so that just simplifies things.*

>*You get up and make your way over to the flower field.*

[Complete quest.]

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