Distracting Magdalene

>*You're able to find Magdalene easily. The lanterns make it easy to spot her in the dark, and thankfully she hasn't wandered far from where you first found her. You take a second to collect yourself before greeting her.*

>Magdalene: Oh, hello again...are you here to help me with the sprites?

<"Sort of."

>*It wasn't...quite a lie.*

>*You see Irin lurking behind Magdalene in the underbrush, out of sight.*

>Magdalene: Sort of? What are you looking at?

>*You quickly shake your head to indicate it was nothing.*

<"So why did you come to the forest?"

>Magdalene: Oh, well… it’s a long story, but the abridged version is that I wanted to help.

>I heard about the turmoil with the witches, and...my family has told fond stories of spirits and sprites for so long. It made me sad to think that the sprites were hurting - so I came here to help them.

>*Irin looks like they’re hesitating...*


<"Keep talking about the sprites."

<Descant: How do the lanterns help?

>Magdalene: Lanterns like these have been in our family for generations. Many years ago, when sprites were more numerous, they kept our homes lit. They were a part of the family.

>But slowly, they all died off.

>That’s why I researched these lanterns for so long. I wanted to do everything I could to make the sprites’ lives better.

<Descant: That's very kind of you.

<So the sprites dying off isn't just in this forest...

*Irin shakes their head at you and motions for you to follow them.*

>*You can't help but feel a little proud of yourself.*

<"I should be going now."

>Magdalene: I see. Well it was nice chatting with you. I don’t have any friends in these woods, so sometimes it gets lonely. Maybe you could stop by again sometime.

>*You say your goodbyes, promising to meet again. You're glad to have made a friend.*

<"Go find Irin."

[Complete quest.]

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