Reunite with Irin

>*You find Irin back in the clearing you left them earlier.*

>Irin: There you are! Did you find that no-good Magdalene?

>*You nod your head.*

>You did? Good! Now that we know where she is, we can figure out how to sabotage her sprite trapping operation...

>Did you know that sprites love turnips? It’s like candy to them. Fortunately Magdalene hasn’t been able to get any for a while.

>If we can get our hands on a rotten turnip, the sprites will avoid her completely!

<"How will that stop her from trapping them?"

>Irin: I’m talking about a really rotten turnip. You’ll know it when you smell it - and you’ll understand exactly why the sprites hate them so much!

>You can bring me one, right?

<Why do I have to get it? It's your idea.

<"I’ll see if Trout has any."

>Irin: Good! And make sure you hurry - she might not be in the same spot for very long!

<"Begin the rotten turnip hunt."

Rotten Turnips from Trout?

>Trout: Hello there. Do you need something?

<"Do you have any rotten turnips?"

>Trout: Ugh! What do you want one of those for?

<Descant:...It's a long story.

>Trout:...Actually, I’m not sure I want to know.

>But if you’re really sure you want one, my eastern field has been doing especially poorly since the forest started changing. I haven’t been able to check on it in a while - so you might find one there?

<"Check the eastern field."

>*You are now holding a Rotten Turnip for Irin.*

>*...Better bring it to Irin quickly. It stinks worse than anything you’ve ever smelled!*

<Gods, I hope I know what I'm doing...

Returning to Irin

>Irin: You found one, didn’t you? I could tell you were close when the sprites started hiding!

<Oh, THAT'S what tipped you off?

>*You quickly hand the turnip off to Irin, it's practically unbearable at this point.*

>Now I just need to slip this into Magdalene’s pack when she’s not looking. You'll be in charge of distracting her. Let's go!

<"Won’t she be able to smell the turnip?"

>Irin: Rotten turnips are a special kind of bad - it seems that magical beings are extra sensitive to the smell. They smell bad to other creatures too, of course, but nothing Magdalene will notice.

>*You can't help but notice that Irin seems...fine with the rotten turnip.*

>*You decide to give them the benefit of the doubt that they just didn't know you were also magical.*

>This will keep the sprites away from her for a long time! You'll be in charge of distracting her.

<"Let’s do this."

>Irin: Okay! Go talk to her whenever you’re ready. I’ll be waiting!

<"Leave in search of Magdalene."

>*You already know what to have Magdalene talk about. If Irin won't listen on their own, you'll make them listen. Hopefully nobody suspects anything...*

[Complete quest.]

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