Convincing Irin

>*After what feels like an eternity of wandering through the forest without the slightest idea of where you were going, you come upon a glade that seems rather peaceful.*

>*You notice yet another figure in the distance, who is quietly observing the tiny fluttering lights among the trees.*

<How did Trout expect me to find this Irin person when there's so many other people here...

>*You make your way towards them, and see some of the small lights fly away, and the person turn towards you with an angry look. You aren't sure why you expected anything different at this point.*

>Irin: Just what do you think you’re doing here?! You’re scaring off all the sprites!

>Don’t you know this forest is dangerous? You’d better make yourself scarce, and fast!

>*At this point, you don't even say anything as you walk away.*

<Gods, is EVERYONE in this forest a huge--

>*You recall that Trout mentioned something about Irin being a friend of the sprites...If the fluttering lights in the glade are sprites, this must be Irin!*

<"Show them your Seedling."

>*You give Chrominance the seedling to bring over, not wanting to disturb the sprites further and assuming they'll be less scared of an animal.*

>*They gently pick up the seedling and slowly walk over to where Irin is. They paw at Irin's leg and set it down to show them.*

>Irin: Oh, that charm...

>*Chrominance gestures towards where you and Jevil are standing. Irin then walks over to you.*

>You got it from Trout, didn’t you?

>*You nod your head.*

<Descant: It's been a hell of a time finding you.

>Irin: Sorry - lately there have been a lot of strangers causing trouble in the forest...and we have enough trouble already, with those selfish witches!

>But if you helped Trout, you must be on our side. I protect the sprites and the sprouts that live here.

<"What's happening to them?"

<Descant: Is it those witches?

>Irin: Partly.

>Travelers used to treat us with respect - but once the witches began quarreling, travelers started ignoring the forest’s customs.

>They stomp around, and gawk...and some of them even harm sprites, like that no-good Magdalene. She traps them in her lanterns, then sells them for her own selfish gain!

>Once a sprite leaves the forest, it can never come back...they’re trapped for the rest of their lives, enslaved to the whims of their owners. I keep trying to make her stop, but she won’t listen!

>You should help me scare her away. We have to find her first, though. You check over that way! If you find her, meet me back here!

<"Hold on-"

>*You're not sure what it is, but something makes you want to hear Magdalene's side of the story too. You think it's odd that she wouldn't stop if she knew that it was bad for the sprites, so maybe there's something more here.*

>*You don't get a chance to respond before Irin storms off, however.*

<...I guess I can ask her myself since they'll be on their own.

>*You head off in the direction Irin told you.*

[Complete quest.]

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