The Veil of Vines

>*After wandering through the forest for some time, the mushrooms gradually disappear, seemingly swallowed up by tangles of poisonous looking vines. You carefully continue on, wondering if you'll ever find this Irin character that Trout told you about.*

>*Until you come upon a clearing where the vines seem to have given way to the presence of a mysterious tent. No one seems to be around, but you can't shake the feeling of impending danger...*

>*You nearly jump out of your shoes when a voice speaks from just beyond the curtained door of the tent.*

>Glume: You’re surprisingly unafraid for someone who’s wandered into my home uninvited...

>*The door of the tent flies open, revealing the woman talking to you. She's extremely well dressed, you'd almost feel like asking where she got the outfit if you didn't get the vibe that she'd kill you.*

>You do know who I am, don’t you?


<Descant: I'm gonna assume 'not Irin'?

>*She gives a small laugh.*

>Glume: Someone so clueless could only have been sent by one of them. Too scared to face me themselves, I’m sure.


<Descant: Why do all of you assume I'm here to steal from you?

>Glume: You don’t need to play any dumber than you already are. Tell Mycel and Barclay that such interruptions will not be tolerated.

>Now make yourself scarce. I’m not interested in hearing anything you have to say.

>*She shuts her door in your face before you even have a chance to reply.*

>*Gods, you wish you could scream.*

>*You best keep moving, Irin has to be around here somewhere...*

[Complete quest.]

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