The First Night

>*You decide to set up camp close to a tree not far outside town. The opposite side of Bearnard's farm to avoid any turnip related accidents.*

>*...Well, your "camp" really just amounts to a bedroll Fantasia gave you and a couple of snacks, so not much going for it. The grass is at least fairly soft.*

<"Think about your situation."

<I've ended up in some unknown place, with no memory of who I am or how I got here, my voice is gone, I'm completly alone, I have no food, money, or home, and nobody I've met so far seems to be of any help.

<...At least I have a couple friends now? And I guess magic?

<Although much good the magic does when the first thing I make with it gets taken to be researched on by some kid.

>*You decide to maybe try talking again. Maybe you can force something out?*

>*You try talking. Nothing. You go a little louder. Nothing. You try screaming as loud as you can. Nothing but a slightly sore throat.*

>*You flop back on your bed roll frustrated. What the hell did you do to deserve this?*

<"Stare up at the sky."

>*You stare up at the night sky. Millions of stars feel like they're staring back at you. You stick your hand up to compare to the stars on your skin. Your hand moves subtly, broken occasionally by a small lightning strike.*

>*The longer you look up, the more you get a feeling of...longing? Homesickness?*

<I mean space being my home would make sense...

>*You sit up and grab the journal the Farmhand gave you. Maybe writing down everything you've gathered about yourself will help.*

>*...If anything, you'll have a record for if something like this happens again.*


>*Your name is Descant. You're a 'World Hopper'. You can't talk, but feel like you used to be able to. Considering the large chest scar and a weapon being one of the few things you showed up with, you've had to fight before. Your old home might be in the stars. You...*


<I...can't sing.

>*You try again. Just a simple vocal warm up or solfege or anything. Nothing.*

>*Tears well in your eyes.*

<Why did this happen...Am I stuck like this forever? Surely there's...there's something I could do...

>*After a few minutes of crying, your attention turns to the bell around your wrist.*

<"Ring the bell."

>*You untie the bell and inspect it a little. It's mostly blue, but seems to reflect all kinds of colours depending on how you move it. Giving it a ring helps to sooth you, even if just a little. Holding it makes you feel like its special somehow.*

< least I have a couple things from where I came from...

>*You decide it's best to try and get some sleep. It's been a long day to say the least. You lay down and ring the bell a few more times, clutching it as you fall asleep.*

[Complete quest.]

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