An Interruption

>*You're skipping along leisurely when suddenly, a blur of green hurtles into your view, catapulting out of the bushes lining the side of the road. You blink in confusion as you collide into...*


>Calbet: Ahh man! I was so close!!

>Oh, it's you! World-hopper! I've been running around the countryside trying to catch grasshoppers, but they're so quick!

>*You're getting kind of tired of constantly being called "world hopper".*

<"Why are you doing that?"

>*You give him a confused look.*

>Calbet: It's the latest cool thing kids are doing in town, didn't you know?

>I invented the hobby, grasshopper catching! We let them go afterwards of course. People have totally joined in by now, I'll bet.

<"Oh...I'll uh, bet."

>*You give a small nod and get up to go get some night time supplies.*

>Calbet: Aww, you're not gonna join me? It's fun I promise, and also an opportunity to finally be cool!

>*He looks really desperate to have someone join him.*

<"Alright, fine."

>*You decide supplies can wait for just a little longer.*

>Calbet: Really?!...I mean, yeah of course! Duh.

>Anyways, the trick is to focus and find the green, within the green! Then you just cup it with your hands. Don't be grossed out, they don't bite.

>*You follow Calbet's intricate instructions and try to spot any green grasshoppers lurking in the tall, also green, grass.*

<"Crouch low and stay still."

>*You decide that stealth is the best way to catch wily creatures, so you hunker down and squint into the field, looking for any sign of movement. You squint so intently that you end up slowly closing your eyes, sleepiness overtakes you...*

>*You sink into a vast blueness, hurtling across the sky towards the ether. A distant spark calls to you with a series of pings... Imploring you to return to the node. You try to make out what it's saying...*

<The...the what...?

>Calbet: ...up! Wake up!!

>*You awake with a start. What the hell did that mean?*

>You should have just told me if you were going to take a nap! I had to do all the work here!

>*You rub your eyes, then get your journal out to ask him if he got any.*

>...Not yet.

<"...Do grasshoppers even exist?"

>Calbet: Of COURSE they do!! I even read about them in a book somewhere! I... I just know they exist!

<"Nod placatingly."

<I'm sure they do buddy.

>Calbet: A-anyways. I guess it's getting late, ahhhh and we have nothing to show for it! How am I going to explain this to my people?

>*Calbet grabs fistfuls of his hair in anguish. He suddenly looks up, seeming to remember something.*

>Oh man, I forgot! Today was kitchen duty!! Aww man, everyone's going to be so mad and hungry when I go back. I gotta go if I want to run back before dinner ends!

>*Calbet turns tail, darting speedily into the horizon, back to the Inn. You wonder where all his energy comes from.*

>*...Before you stand up, you write down what you remember of the dream. It could be a good hint for...whatever is going on.*

[Complete quest.]

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