Your First Pet (Part 2)

>*You sit at the tree for quite some time, watching as the sun goes down. You aren't really sure where you're going to sleep tonight, but at least you'll be able to see a pretty sky. Maybe you'll be able to get some camping supplies from a shop or something...*

>*It's not long after you start to think about sleeping that you notice the turnip begin glowing. You'd sort of given up on it doing anything at this point.*

>*You watch as the turnip starts to shift in form, eventually settling on...some kind of dog...? but a turnip dog, still retaining some of its plant-like features.*

<...I'm not sure what I expected.

>*You set the pup on the ground. It stares up at you with deep red eyes.*

>*You tentatively stick your hand out to it. It takes a second to sniff, and the headbutts your hand looking for pets.*

<Aw...cute little guy actually.

<I guess you'll need a name...

>*You look over the turnip creature. It's a little...odd?*

<Odd...ish. Oddish!

>*You spend a few minutes playing with Oddish. They seem to have taken a fast liking to you. After a bit you suppose it's time to go show them to Buli.*

>*When you walk into Buli's shop, she's focused on something behind the counter.*

>Buli: Oh, I see that you're back. Do you need something?

<"I hatched the Quickened Turnip!"

>*You show Buli your new pet.*

>Buli: Oh, you did it! Wasn't it worth the wait?

>*You at least don't feel quite as alone as you did before.*

>Perhaps now I can trust you with... some more powerful knowledge about your latent world-hopper abilities.

<There's more we can do...?

>*Buli pauses for a moment to look you over once more, seemingly evaluating her judgement of you.*

>Hm... One moment, I have something to show you.

>*She briskly walks off, disappearing behind her shop desk. All you can hear is the shuffling of papers until she emerges once more with some type of book in hand. It looks like it could be a journal...*

>Before I let you in on more complicated things about world-hopper magic, this here will be a good place to start. It's yours to keep.

>*Buli hands you the journal, it has the words 'Pet Diary' on the front cover.*

>I jotted down the basic information about the first pet you animated in there for you. The rest will be up to you to fill in as you utilize your world-hopper powers to animate new and unusual creatures along your journeys.

<How many of these are you expecting me to create??

>*You open the book to look at what she's written. According to her, Oddish is called a "Quickened Turnipling".*

>Now that you've got a place to record your findings, I think you're ready to be introduced to something more complicated and more powerful.

>*Buli disappears from your view once again, this time slipping behind a door located in the back of her shop.*

>*You can vaguely make out some clinking sounds coming from within the room, before she reappears with a mysterious looking large, bronze pot in her hands.*

<"Crane your neck to catch a glimpse of what's behind her."

>*She closes the door behind her quickly with her foot, as she hauls the pot over toward you and sets it on the floor.*

>Buli: As you can probably tell, this is a cauldron of sorts. From what I've been able to gather, this will be necessary for you to continue discovering new and more powerful creatures with your world-hopper magic.

>I obviously haven't been able to try it myself, but rumor has it that world-hoppers can combine the life energies of different pets into an even stronger, single form. People in-the-know have been calling it pet alchemy.

>Whenever you have time, you should try it out and see what you can create with it.

<Does that like...hurt them? Do they all remember being the pets they were before??

>Buli: So, that’s it! I’ve shown you everything that I know. You should be ready to explore the world and hone your abilities now.

<That's it? I thought you were the world hopper expert or whatever.

<"You only talked about pets though..."

>Buli: Well this is my area of interest. I don't really have an obligation to guide you on every aspect of this world, do I?

>*You can't help but feel a little disappointed. You thought she could at least give...some kind of insight into how you got here.*

>*Buli looks a bit more at Oddish. They give her hand a lick, which she quickly wipes off.*

> you mind if I observe them for a little bit? Just for the night, and I'll give them right back in the morning.

<"I don't know about that..."

>*You only just hatched them, and she already wants you to give them to her to do who knows what??*

>Buli: I promise they'll be safe! I wouldn't want to skew any potential data.

<...That's your only concern?

>*You look at Oddish, not really sure what to do. Strangely, they give a small nod, as if showing their approval of going with Buli.*

<I...guess if you're ok with it...?

>*You give a nod at Buli*

>Buli: Great! I'll make sure they're taken care of!

>*She picks up the small Turnipling.*

>If you want to know more about exploring, you could go talk to Fantasia. I've heard that they're well-traveled. See you, world-hopper!

>*You give Buli and Oddish a wave as you head out. It's gotten to be close to night now, so you decide that seeing Fantasia again should wait until tomorrow.*

[Complete quest.]

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