A Stroll with Fantasia

>*You walk down the road with Fantasia. They seem a little distracted.*

<"Where are we headed?"

>*As you're thinking of how to somehow ask this, you realize that you can use the notebook from the Farmhand. It's not perfect since the paper is limited (and you would like to actually use it as a journal) but it will do for now.*

>*Fantasia glances behind them briefly.*

>Fantasia: I actually have a favor to ask, if I may.

<"A favor?"

>Fantasia: Today's Lilia's birthday- and mine, too. We always celebrate together.

>But she always pushes herself so hard, and she's kind of tough on herself, especially lately… I just feel like she deserves something extra nice this year, you know?

<"Do you have something in mind?"

>*You tilt your head to the side.*

>Fantasia: A while ago I finally managed to drag her out of the training fields into town. She's normally very stoic about this sort of thing, but I noticed her eyes sparkling at something in Buli's shop front.

>It was an Essence Jug- the blue essence sparkled in her eyes so beautifully.

>Ahem, mostly because it matches her tiara so well - that tiara is a family heirloom, so it means a lot to her. I know she'd love to have that jug, but I don't really have the potatoes to spend spinning Buli's chance machine over and over.

>Do you think you could try to get it for me? Maybe you'll have better luck. I know that's a lot to ask, but… if you can get it, I'll give you my Fantastical Bells in exchange. Their sound is the most soothing thing in the world.

>They mean a lot to me, but… well, Lilia means more. What do you say? You'd have to avoid Lilia- I wouldn't want you to spoil the surprise. But I'd really appreciate the help.

<Well...it wouldn't hurt to help, right?

<"Sure, I'll help."

>Fantasia: Thank you. The radiance of her smile will more than make up for trading my bells away. I’ll wait here - I’ll give you the bells once you’ve gotten the Essence Jug.


>*You leave to go get the jug. It thankfully doesn't take too many spins, you're a bit low on cash at the moment.*

>*True to their word, you find Fantasia where you left them.*

>Fantasia: Did you get the Essence Jug from Buli yet?

<"Here you go!"

>*You hand the jug to them.*

>Fantasia: You really did it! Thank you. Here are the bells, as promised. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

>*You can see why they liked the bells so much. They're a very pretty bronze and make a nice chime when wind hits them. You feel a little bad taking them.*

>*...Although you do realize you're gonna need more pocket space soon. You hang them from your baton as you walk with Fantasia back to the training field.*

>Lilia: There you are, Fantasia. Are you ready to go?

>Wait- that Essence Jug...

>Fantasia: It’s yours now. Happy birthday, Lilia.

>Lilia: Oh…! I… I don’t know what to say, Fantasia. Thank you. Let’s go celebrate. You can hang your bells nearby- it’ll be the perfect soothing atmosphere.

>Fantasia: Actually...I had to give up the bells to get the jug. But it was worth it.

>Lilia: What? You shouldn’t have done that. You love those bells more than anything. More than any "thing," maybe...

>A-ah...To be honest, I was planning to sell my tiara if it meant getting you that Apprentice Teapot. But my luck at those chance machines is abysmal...

>Fantasia: Heh. That would’ve been quite a sight, huh? Both of us giving away our favorite items...But I’m glad you got to keep your tiara. And I hope you like the jug. They both look dazzling beside you.

>Lilia: I’ll treasure it forever.


>*Fantasia and Lilia seem happily caught up in their conversation...You should probably give them some privacy.*

>*It's starting to get pretty late, and you're very tired at this point. You still don't feel like the turnip is any different from when you started. Maybe Buli was wrong about you...?*

<I guess I'll give it a litte bit longer...

>*You decide to sit under a nearby tree while you wait.*

[Complete quest.]

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