Lilia & Fantasia

>*In the training field, you come across a resolute lancer and a shrewd-looking rogue.*

>*The lancer stabs vigorously at a straw dummy, completely focused on her training. The rogue watches her quietly from the sidelines, leaning on the fence.*

<"Watch from afar."

>*It feels a bit rude to interupt them.*

>*The lancer switches elegantly between stances, handling her lance like it’s as light as a feather. After a while, she pauses to catch her breath.*

>Fantasia: That was even better than your last set.

>Lilia: It was passable. But still not enough.

>Fantasia: Are you sure you’re not being too hard on yourself?

>Lilia: If anything, I’m not being hard enough.

>Fantasia: Oh - it looks like we have a visitor. Hello there. I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.

>*You give a small wave.*

>Lilia: Welcome to Louise Hill. I’m Lilia, and this is Fantasia. Did Bearnard send you to look for us?

<"Yes, how did you know?"

>Fantasia: You look like you’ve been crawling through the fields. I bet Bearnard made you help with his crops.

>Lilia: You do look a little worse for wear.

>*You glance down at yourself furtively.*

<"Is it really that bad?"

>Lilia: Don't fret - just like in training, a little hard work goes a long way. A fresh change of clothes is invigorating if I've been working hard.

>Fantasia: Relaxing is just as important as hard work. Coordinating the perfect outfit always helps me unwind.

>*The idea of putting together a new outfit makes you a little excited.*

>Oh, I know - whose style do you like better?

>*You look between the two. It's a tough choice, both seemed pretty well dressed...*

<"Fantasia, the Rogue!"

>*You point to Fantasia. You feel like the polished and dignified armor look isn't quite for you.*

>*Lilia smiles and nods in agreement.*

>Lilia: Fantasia always has a keen eye for practical fashion.

>Fantasia: Finding your style is just as important in fashion as it is in combat. Maybe you should try a few different things? If you collect a good variety of clothing, you're bound to find something you like.

>Lilia: You should come see us once you've had a look around. We'll be here training in the meantime.

<"Okay, I'll be back!"

>*You feel a bit of renewed energy in your step. Getting out of these dirty clothes will be nice.*

>*As you're getting your outfit on, you take a good look at yourself in the mirror.*

>*Along your chest and face (or, really, your whole body) are several pinkish scars. They aren't surgical that's for sure, but...they don't seem like normal scars. They almost seem to...move? Pulse with energy? Even without the memory loss, you don't think you could ever guess what made them.*

>*You touch your chest. Whatever happened, it looks like it was a long time ago, so probably not related to your current situation.*

>*You decide to think about it later and finish putting on your outfit. It's a bit hard trying to maneuver around the turnip, but you manage. You make your way back to the training fields.*

>*Lilia is now watching Fantasia throw some daggers with expert precision at targets a few leagues away.*

>Fantasia: Oh, I hit that one right in the middle.

>Lilia: You're amazing!

>*Fantasia blushes and turns away.*

<"I'm back! I got new things."

>Lilia: You look refreshed. I'm sure your mind feels clearer now too.

>*You give a nod. It's not perfect, but this feels at least a little more like your style.*

>Fantasia: Did you get a good look at all of the shops? I wouldn't mind giving you a tour of the town. I know it pretty well- I usually go shopping for Lilia too, since she's always training. And I need to run an errand anyway.

>Lilia: You may also stay here with me, if you'd like - it's nice to have company while I train.

<"Go with Fantasia."

>*Lilia seems a bit...intimidating to you. You decide to go with Fantasia.*

[Complete quest.]

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