Meeting the Old Farmhand

>*On the back patio of the tavern, you find a man dressed in wizardly robes with a long, white beard.*

>Farmhand: Oh why hello there young child, I’m the Old Farmhand. I’m the well-adjusted social guide around here. Unlike that cabbage boy, Calbet, who doesn’t know anything about the social history of Louise Hill.

<...Yeah I'll totally buy you aren't a wizard.

>Did you know that knowledge is the source of all things? I can teach you all the ways to connect with the people of this world.

>Oh, and don’t mind my outfit. People seem to think for some reason that I’m a wizard, but I definitely am not. I just like to dress up. This robe is comfortably breezy. What’s this staff? It’s just a walking stick, don’t worry about it.


>If you’re ready, how about we head over to the town square? You might meet people from all walks of life, some even as old as me. Let me know when you’re ready.

<"You're not feeling ready, but nod anyways."

>*You're not sure that's going to work out...*

>Farmhand: Ah, yes, this way child.

>You can have entire conversations with all sorts of people. Most of your kind seems to like to go there, which is why it’s the first thing I show you when I meet one of you.

>Now that you know more about how communication works around here, how about you go talk to someone? You could introduce yourself and meet some new friends, the square can be almost magical in that way.

>Not that I would know anything about magic, since I’m not a wizard or anything.

<You know that makes you more suspicious, right?

>I'm sure you’ll be glad once you’ve given it a try. It's much more enlightening than whatever that whippersnapper, Calbet would have you do. It’s not really magic, but it’s all very neat stuff.

<"Look down at your introverted feet and mutter."

>*There's all kinds of world hoppers milling about the square. Some look to just be chatting, others seem to be recounting stories of their travels. Further away, you see a large group...are they just digging?*

>Farmhand: Why don't you try introducing yourself first if you haven't yet? If you already have, you can welcome someone else!

<"Actually, can I please do something else? I'd rather interact with people in my own time."

>*You demonstrate your lack of voice to him.*

>Farmhand: Well, that's fair.

>How about this?

>*The Farmhand produces a small book and pen from his robe and hands them to you.*

>How about keeping a diary instead?

>I find it can be a good warm up to real social interaction.

>*You take a seat on a nearby bench.*


>*You take a moment to think of something to write. Eventually, a phrase comes to mind.*

  "Wish upon a star
  For a magical tomorrow
  Catch the gleam in our dreams and tears."

>*You aren't fully sure what it means, but it feels kind of important. It sounds a little like it could be lyrics?*

>*When you're done, you head back over to the Farmhand.*

>Farmhand: I see you're back. Well, how did it go?

<"I did it!"

>Farmhand: Great job, you're on the road to being a scholar.

>*Old Farmhand smiles at you kindly.*

>Of course, with just a little guidance from yours truly, but you figured it out quite quickly!

>I'm sure you'll make plenty of new friends now, without ever having to interact with that rude child to send you in the wrong direction.

<"C-Calbet's not that rude."

>Farmhand: You already met Calbet? My condolences. Try not to pay him too much mind. If you're looking for more guidance, please feel free to come find me instead.

>Oh - and how about you check out my shop before you go? It's enchanted - er, I mean, it's just a carnival chance machine! Haha... They're all the rage now, you know...

<Uh huh, yeah.

>Ahem, just to be clear - I can't enchant things, I'm not a wizard at all. You can get a random item every time you use the shop, with no magic involved whatsoever.

<Oh my gods, I get it you aren't a wizard.

>By the way, I heard that Bearnard is out looking for you. How about you go see what he wants?

<Huh. Hope everythings ok.

[Complete quest.]

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