Talk to Buli

>*You approach a little girl. She is standing outside of a rather strange house with yellow roofing and blue planks.*

>Buli: Oh hello, my name is Buli. You’re an animator, yes?

<"Ask what an animator is."

>*You tilt your head to the side, confused.*

<Why does everyone keep assuming that...

>Buli: You don’t know? You world-hoppers have magical powers! Why do you think Bearnard’s turnips all got away? Whenever one of you is in direct contact with an item from this world for an extended period of time, it will become a living thing.

<"Ask how she knows about all this."

<How the hell does that even work?

>Buli: I wonder! You’ll probably have to make do with not knowing, especially if you want to learn how to animate things.

<Oh ok so you don't know either. Great.

>If you put in the effort, I can show you everything I know.

<"Please teach me."

>*You nod your head.*

>Buli: So you want to learn? It’s simple enough, but first you’ll have to do some petty thievery.

>Bearnard told you that his turnips had all walked away, right? Well, there are still a few left in his fields. You’re going to need one to work your magic, and I don’t have any.

>All you have to do is sneak into his field and steal a turnip. Don’t you go talking to him about this by the way! You’ll interfere with my experiments.

<Mm...I don't know about this...

>*You think it might be a good idea to see what Bearnard has to say before you do what she says.*

<Bearnard already seems to be struggling with how many turnips have... I guess already been stolen.

>*You stop and consider what she said for a moment, looking down at your hands.*

<Is what she said true? Do I really have magic like that?

<...I can't say I'm not curious about the whole thing.

<*Go see Bearnard.*

[Complete quest.]

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