Welcome To Louise Hill!

>*You wake up in the middle of a dirt road. Your head hurts, you don't have any memory of what you were doing before you woke up, and you don't know where you are.*

>*You feel a searing pain in your throat, almost as if somethings been ripped from it. You push yourself up and sit in the dirt, and take a look at yourself, trying to remember...anything.*

>*You see blue hands that seem to be filled with stars, with the occasional lightning strike appearing. You feel the prescence of something above your head, and looking up you see a broken halo. Along your back you can feel yourself moving something, a wing of some kind. It's also been cracked.*

<...I'm...right, I'm a Galactic...

<...Are my antenna supposed to be like this?

>*Tied around your wrist is a small, colourful bell. Shaking it produces a soothing tone. It feels comforting to you.*

>*On the ground next to you is a large, pink baton, and...a small cake?*

>*Picking it up you find that it's just a squeaky toy.*

<Guess I'll need to find food somewhere else...

>*You search for a name. It takes a lot of effort, but eventually you recall...*

<...De...Descant. I think that's my name.

<Now....where the hell am I?

>*You look around for any hints in your surroundings. A wooden sign nearby proclaims “LOUISE HILL.” You are surrounded by fields of crops, with grassy hills and what appears to be short buildings and houses in the distance.*

>*You're too busy looking into the distance and don't notice until now that there is a bear in overalls milling about nearby. He doesn't look too dangerous or unfriendly.*

<...Well what have I got to lose at this point.

>*You pick up the squeaky cake and baton, which already has a strap for carrying it on your back.*

<"Walk over slowly."

>Bearnard: Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. You’re rather small, aren’t you?

>You got a name?


>*You stop. Something's not right.*


>*Despite feeling like you're talking...no sound comes out.*

>*You try a few more times to get your name out, but give up, gesturing to your throat.*

<Why...why can't I talk...? I feel like I should be able to...

>*The bear just looks at you in confusion.*

>Bearnard: You’re not one of those people, are you?

<"Frown in confusion."

<The hell's that supposed to mean?

>Bearnard: What do I mean, “those people?” Don’t you know what’s been going on for the past year? You lot have been dropping in out of thin air. Some of us call you world-hoppers, and there have been a lot of changes lately, not all of ‘em good.

>*The bear pauses, seeming to remember something unpleasant.*

>Why, just the other day all my turnips just got up and walked away. Turnips don’t regularly sprout legs and wander off!

>Turns out that some of you folk were up camping on the ridge nearby and half the farm crops around town just up and left. Now I’ve started putting up signs to keep people away from what’s left of my crops, but it doesn’t always work.

>*You glance around at the fields nearby. Some of the fields are completely barren, and look like someone has taken a parade marching through them. It sounds extraordinary, but it would seem that the bear is right and the crops truly did get up and walk away.*

<"Raise your eyebrows."

>Bearnard: You aren’t planning on camping nearby, are you? I can give you some advice and maybe help you get straightened out a bit.

>Just stay off the posted fields and I’ll answer whatever questions you have. You probably don’t want to set up a camp or settle in until you have a better idea of what’s going on.


>Bearnard: Good, good, nothing quite like an obedient youngster, you don’t see many of those these days.

>*Something about the phrase "obedient youngster" doesn't sit right with you.*

>Speaking of obedient, I run a small farming business here in town, a nomadic youngster like you must get hungry or need farming tools right? Just ask me later and I’ll let you into my shop! Some quality goods I have here, I’d say!

>Why don't I give you some proper clothes? On the house seein' as you just got here. Name's Bearnard by the way.

>*You nod.*

>*You throw on what the bear gives you, some puffy shorts and a shirt with puffy sleeves. You figure it can't hurt to take the bear up on his offer of advice.*

<"Ask Bearnard more about Louise Hill."

>*You begin to ask, but remember the voice issue. Instead you gesture out towards the town.*

>Bearnard: Louise Hill is a farming town on the western part of this continent. We’ve had a lot of you world-hoppers showing up here lately, and most of you only stick around for a few days before moving on.

>I mostly farm turnips, but there’s a motley crew of villagers in this town washed up from various walks of life. Some of them… I don’t know what they’re doing here to be quite honest.

<Wonder how many of us there are...

<"Ask Bearnard more about world-hoppers."

>*You bring your hand towards yourself.*

>Bearnard: Now, I don’t know much about you lot, just what I’ve heard in the village and the local gossip, but apparently none of you are quite sure where you come from, and no one knows why you’re here all of a sudden.

>You are one of those lot right? You’re not just some wily stranger looking for handouts?

>*You nod your head. All the evidence seems to point to you being one of these "world-hoppers".*

>At any rate, you all have some mighty strange powers moving around you. Buli across the road knows more about that, though, if you really want to know more.

<"Continue up the road towards the village."

>*You thank Bearnard for his time and start making your way up the road towards the village up ahead. There are quite a few different buildings, but you feel like it’s not that big of a town.*

<Maybe she can help with the memory and voice issue too...

[Complete quest.]

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