Character Diary


Pronouns They/Them

Pets Chrominance (Prismatic Pup), Jevil (Candle Jester)

Woke up on the outskirts of Louise Hill.

Can't talk, uses a chalkboard to draw on. Fond of clowns, dressing up, and writing music. Seems shy, but otherwise nice, if a bit snarky. Journals incessantly.


Pronouns She/Her

Pet Tansy (Fairytale Blossom)

Woke up in the middle of the Fairytale Meadow.

Very sweet. Magic user. Always willing to help. Not afraid to call someone out. Loves flowers, and tries to tend to them when she can.


Pronouns He/Him

Pet Akito (Miasma Purrling)

Woke up on Wras' ship, apparently found floating in the ocean.

Very distant and standoffish. Tends to not speak much, and is bad at showing emotions. A skilled marksman. Doesn't actually have animating powers. Determined to get back home.